About SunwRx

SunwRx was built with the experience of growing in the hills of Humboldt Co. and the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. We wanted a better grow medium than the sleepy 70/30 coco blend everyone was using. We liked the drainage of coco, but not the heavy salts... and buying super expensive pre-washed coco wasn't an option for us. We knew the salts in coco affected our plants & nutrient uptake. So, we knew we had to build something far better for the cannabis industry that wasn't off the shelf like most everything out there.

So, we started to blend our own soils without the use of salty coco. We started to add fertilizer and things we learned from the old timers who have been growing in Humboldt since the 60's. It took several sessions to perfect this blend for our farms. Now we can offer it to yours!

Coco NO Coco is a SUPER fluffy mix that outperforms anything on the market. We built the "BEST OF THE BEST" STACKED with Micro Screened forest products, Hydra- Fiber 333, Premium earthworm castings, GOLD-STAR Micronize, Perlite, Refined guanos and MORE. This gives your plants vigorous growth the second you open the bag without heavy transplant shock and perfect PH.

We adjusted CoCo NO CoCo to outperform anything in the market with a HUMID CLIMENT giving it even more drying capabilities without the moisture loss like coco core and peat blends. Again... We didn't take what was on the shelf and had YOU deal with it, We adjusted it and made it YOURS!

Your plants will have EXPLOSIVE GROWTH and EXTREME ROOT DEVELIPMENT with NO SALT BUILDUP that can lockout nutrient uptake. Each 2 Cubic Foot bag has food for your plants to feed for the first 30 to 50 days. Once established, your plants will thrive and give you better yield$

Peat Blend

Peat Blend
Peats waxy cuticles can shed water which it doesn't store for the plant. Expensive and environmentally unfriendly the harvesting of Peat contributes to global warming and is effectively a non-renewable rescores.

CoCo No CoCo Blend

CoCo No CoCo Blend
Thermally Refined fibers store and release water for the plant, Massive root development. Perfect PH Extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable over any other media.

Coco Blend

CoCo Blend
Coir fibers trap needed water for the plant and has salts that can affect your plants transition. Commonly chemically treated and can lockout Calcium & Magnesium, making your plants deficient. Costs 2 to 3 times more money to feed, due to drying out rapidly.

Nothing Comes Close To SunwRx Soil

Zero Salts - Explosive Root Development - Bigger Crops - Built For Cannabis

coco / Peat Blend
CoCo NO Coco BleND